Data Integration Services

Full Stack Business Intelligence as a monthly service.

A complete B.I. data warehouse with predictive analytics in as little as 48 hours with no annual contract and typically no need to involve your IT department, purchase ETL or data migration tools, or expensive reporting software. 


We use your system as the reporting layer.

Since you have made a significant investment in capturing customer information via your system, it only makes sense to push the compiled analysis into  This minimizes the need to purchase any other reporting tools or services.  We build the reports and dashboards inside Salesforce using Salesforce standard functionality and making the business intelligence available to every Salesforce user.

Your Data

Turn your implementation into a true business intelligence and analytics system.

We leverage the data already inside Salesforce, as well as access data inside your ERP and other systems.

Your data is safe.

Then we set up a password-protected and triple-encrypted ETL extraction tool to access your data.

Because we have only ‘read-only’ access, your source data is never at risk.  Then, we replicate your data daily to a secure cloud-based Microsoft® Azure Business Intelligence Data Warehouse.

Together, we identify your KPIs.

Through our KPI Workshop, we identify your KPI’s effectively and build analytic tables and complex SQL queries in the Cloud.