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Opportunity Scoring Increases Sales from $6 Million to $23 Million

  • A mid-sized steel company had a lot of opportunities in the pipeline, but the deals were just not closing.

  • We identified fifteen critical attributes that would clearly predict whether deals would close and codified them in Salesforce as objective measures for the Salespeople to fill in.

  • We then created a scoring object that automatically generated an estimated deal closing score based on these attributes.  If the score was below a certain number, the Opportunity was rejected.

  • To make the module easy and quick for the Salesforce users to interact with, the fifteen questions could be answered via a checkbox or clicking a pop-up list.  The module could be completed on a mobile device in just minutes.

  • The Scoring Module inside the Opportunity ensured that only the most suitable opportunities were sent to the estimating department to create a bid and….questionable  (or low scoring)  opportunities did not consume the limited estimating resources.

  • In less than a year, the results were dramatic.  Closed Opportunities grew from $6 Million in Q1 of the previous year to over $23 Million in the current year…

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