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Issues with Duplicate Records:

  • Users no longer trust the data

  • Users abandon using the CRM

  • Note taking in multiple places

  • Multiple people unaware they are working on same target

  • Cannot trust reports and dashboards

  • Users cannot find the right record

  • Time wasted finding correct record

  • Time wasted entering data on wrong record

Why Duplicates Accumulate:

  • Have been using CRM for years

  • Old records never purged

  • Marketing automation brings in new records

  • Mass importing of lists (event attendees, etc.)

  • Users creating their own records

  • ERP system injects customer records but prospect Account records never removed

  • No Master Data Management Process (ie: A Doctor works in multiple clinics and has a contact record in each)




Duplicate data can wreak havoc with your system leaving

users with data they cannot trust

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