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“I’ve worked with Ron and his team for nearly two years.   As our primary development team and administrator….they have been instrumental in identifying areas where can improve processes and automate steps.”

“Ron is super responsive and quickly developed a keen sense of our business and some of our data challenges.   His attitude is always about partnering with us to identify the things he and his team can do that is going to have the biggest impact.”

“Ron’s recommendations…. to overhaul our Salesforce Account, Opportunity and Contact records… will significantly shorten our sales cycle as we pursue the most qualified leads and input our records with more meaningful data.”

“I worked with Ron to clean up our Salesforce Org that was overbuilt and not suited to the way our sales cycle flowed. Ron quickly diagnosed the pain points and cleaned up the process to match our deal process….He is great to work with, diligent, organized and quick to revert on deliverables, a true professional.”

“We are a small biotech company who had implemented Salesforce a few years prior, but due to a number of reasons, did not have a fully functional system.  We employed several companies to provide support in the implementation process up through the working phase, however, it was not successful.  We have been very pleased with Ron’s work- he is highly engaged in our project and offers continual hands on solutions to our needs.”

“Ron is very dependable.  He schedules and always participates in the necessary meetings and is very fast in the required follow up work which results from those meetings.  I greatly appreciate his being flexible to meet our very early morning meetings and to actively engage our Sales Team in these trainings.”

“Ron and his team demonstrated a real rigor around capturing and analyzing the business requirements and did an exceptional job at transforming those requirements into solutions on the Salesforce platform as well as great rigor and precision around documenting the technical specifications.”

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